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Why Spain

The British public is in love with Spain...

Just over two hours away with daily flights from all local airports, it's easy to understand why Britons choose Spain as their number one destination for holidays, relocation and retirement. When we conducted our recent 2019 survey the reasons given were weather, lower costs, health, beaches, and a more relaxed lifestyle.

The higher quality and lower cost of living – and bargain house prices - means that investing in Spanish property makes sound sense these days.

Fantastic climate:


The Costa Blanca is a thriving destination for tourism, mainly because of the quality of life and health benefits provided by the climate.
There are more than 300 days of sunshine a year
The temperature in the Costa Blanca ranges from 18c in winter to 32c in summer
The humidity is very low. Even when the heavens do open, the next spell of sunshine is never far away!!
The World Health Organisation believes the Costa Blanca has one of the healthiest climates on the planet
Rheumatism and arthritis sufferers find the area a real tonic. And people with asthma can, literally, breathe a lot easier this is a proven fact ! 



Its indisputable – finding a home near a clean, well-managed beach is easier on the Costa Blanca than the Costa del Sol, or any of Spain’s other popular Costas and islands. Proof of this is the recently released 2019 list of Blue Flag beaches, which includes a staggering 114 beaches in the Valencia Community, home to the Costa Blanca South/North, and just 78 beaches in Andalusia, which covers the Costa del Sol.

Unsurprisingly, Spain still has significantly more Blue Flag beaches than anywhere else in the world, with 550 compared to 393 awarded to Greece in second place. Even more encouraging is that Spain’s overall total has increased by 12 since last year, with six of the additions being in the Valencian Community.

To be awarded a Blue Flag, a beach must meet strict standards of water quality, environmental management, and services, including access and lifeguards. Only Galicia has more Blue Flag beaches than Valencia. However, the two regions don’t compete as holiday or expat destinations, given the formers colder climate and lack of residential tourism developments.

The latest Blue Flag index highlights two key things. Firstly, it shows how much is being done to improve the quality, and in particular the access, of our beaches on the Costa Blanca. Only 7 of the 114 listed beaches in Valencia don’t have access for wheelchairs, while 37 of them have wheelchair access not only to the beach but also to the water.

Health matters:


JMT Spanish Properties understand how important health services are to our clients. Living a healthy lifestyle is easier in a warmer climate. Fresh food is widely available, and sunshine is good for you! However, if the idyllic surroundings aren't enough to keep you fit and well, an effective health service is at your call day or night.

UK residents can apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) to access emergency medical care in the EU when their current EHIC card runs out.

Under a new agreement with the EU, both cards will offer equivalent healthcare protection when people are on holiday, studying or travelling for business.

This includes emergency treatment as well as treatment needed for a pre-existing condition.

The new GHIC card is free and can be obtained via the official GHIC website.

Current European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) are valid as long as they are in date, and can continue to be used when travelling to the EU.

You don't need to apply for a GHIC until your current EHIC expires.

People should apply at least two weeks before they plan to travel to ensure their card arrives on time.

Spanish hospitals are clean, modern and efficient. Pharmacists are well trained and will help you deal with minor complaints, while local doctors' surgeries perform the same primary care function as GPs in the UK. Staff in the various health organisations speak excellent English. Many of our customers with health problems tell us that they move overseas because the climate and lifestyle help to alleviate their symptoms.
Check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for more details  

Taking your pets abroad:


We are a country of pet lovers, and one of the first questions people ask when considering moving abroad is: "What about our pets?"


Your dog or cat will need to have a vaccination, a microchip and a pet passport. All details are on the defra website. Always check on that site for the latest to how you stand now that we have left E.U.

It is wise to plan early, because the entire process can take up to six months. Specialist companies move animals to and from the UK, so they are well worth considering.

All other pets (birds, invertebrates, tropical fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals such as rodents and rabbits) are not subject to the regulations on the anti-rabies vaccination but may have to meet other requirements as to a limit on the number of animals and a certificate to accompany them with respect to other diseases. Pet owners are strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of their country and/or that of the destination country.

We advise that you take PET insurance in Spain for your animals, as like the UK the bills can be very expensive.



Children adapt to change faster than adults, especially when it comes to learning a new language. The Spanish have invested heavily in education. Most schools are publicly funded. There are private schools, too, and these are normally cheaper than in the UK.

The state schools all teach English, and in some areas you will find at least 50% of the children are British.

School Years


Nursery 3 to 6 years but is not compulsory
Primary 6 to 12 years
Secondary 12 to 16 years
College 16 to 18 years

The Spanish have arrangements for children with special needs. There is a strong bias towards integrating these students into mainstream schools, with the provision of special units.

Enrolment is in May for the following September. You should contact the local town hall for full details. 

  • The Lady Elizabeth School (Alicante)
  • British School of Alicante King's Group (Alicante)
  • Xabia International College (Alicante)
  • Schola Europa€a (Alicante)
  • El Limonar International School (Alicante)
  • British School Alzira (Valencia)
  • Cambridge Community College (Valencia)
  • Caxton College (Valencia)
  • El Plantio International School (Valencia)
  • The British Scool of Valencia (Valencia)
  • Aloha College Andalucia (Málaga)
  • St. Anthony's College (Málaga)
  • St. George’s International Scool of Malaga (Málaga)
  • Swans International Primary School (Málaga)
  • The English International College Marbella (Málaga)
  • Sotogrande International School (Málaga)
  • ESIC Business and Marketing School (Valencia)
  • Deutch School Valencia (Valencia)

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