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It was a record breaking year by the end of 2019 with Spanish property sales increasing each month with the British buyers flooding back into the market even with Brexit..     Sales then of course dipped due to Covid in 2020.. We now have  prospective buyers waiting to act in 2022 and even booking flights for January 2022 as you will now find them so cheap with airlines offering date changes if needed. Spain looks forward to seeing you ! 



The location of a property is the most important decision that you can make and that is why a good Estate Agency will listen to you and only recommend areas that meet your criteria.

Here are the top 5 tips when it comes to location.

If you are looking to rent out the property we would recommend properties within 10 minutes distance to the beach and amenities.

Looking for a secure complex then golf resort properties will provide you with this with 24 hour security, surprisingly only 30% of buyers on a golf resort play golf as most are buying for the security and nice views.


Looking to buy a villa on a tight budget then there is only one answer and that it is to go inland, you get more for your money with inland properties but unfortunately you may not have as many amenities to choose from.


If you want to live a spanish life then buy either in a Spanish town or buy a property on the outskirts, great way to experience the easy spanish way of living with cheap bars and restaurants. 


Finally the most important tip is to be realisitic, do not expect to get a beachfront villa with large infinity pool for 100,000 euros, even at todays prices this is impossible.


Not only is property cheaper in Spain than the UK but the cost of living is lower too. Spain is 19.9% cheaper in terms of consumer prices; 29.5% cheaper for eating out; and groceries are 16.5% cheaper, according to consumer price website Please send an email if you would like us to arrange viewings or viewing trips to Spain so that you can enjoy a more affordable way of life.






 Zenia Boulevard is the largest Shopping centre in the province of Alicante.

It is described as a city, with its streets, squares, fountains, daily concerts and events that bring Zenia Boulevard to life and are what make it different and exciting for the area of the Costa Blanca.

 It is a Shopping Centre designed for the enjoyment and entertainment of all visitors.

 The Shopping Centre's gorgeous, well-tended plants and gardens include more than 90 different species. There is also a free health and fitness park, where you can exercise, relax in the rest zones, watch the big sporting events and fascinating documentaries on the giant LED screen, and enjoy free concerts and shows every week on the over 150 shops with the best prices and a huge choice of products.

Over 150 shops including Alcampo, Decathlon, Primark, Leroy Merlin, Conforama, Norauto, Media Markt, Zara with its new look, Lefties, H&M, C&A, Massimo Dutti and many more. You will also find many exclusive stores there if you are looking for something special, such as Guess, Geox, Vía di Milano (Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.), Astoria (Meex, Hugo Boss, CK), Z&A (Tommy and Lacoste), etc. If you are shopping for the kids, you are in luck, because Tutto Picolo, Mayoral, Zippy, Baby Center, Pekes and other children's stores are all there.

La Zenia Boulevard is located in La Zenia (Orihuela Costa), right on the coast, and indeed the Shopping Centre's Plaza Mayor overlooks the sea. There are also unrivalled views to be seen from the outdoor terrace and from many of the restaurants.

 There is a large choice of places to eat including:  Muerde la Pasta, Burger King, Lizarrán, 100 Montaditos, Wok Center, Foster´s Hollywood, Good Rices Arrocería y Pizzería, Yogurín Club, Subway, Ché! Argentino, De Bassus and Tapería Dos Hermanas, and many more. In addition, Tommy Mel's and Ché! Ristorante Italiano have just opened and are definately worth a visit.

 There are also plenty of leisure options to enjoy. There is a big children's park and a play area to entertain the little ones. Bowling Pleno La Zenia and Casinos del Mediterraneo only opening a few months ago. A Pharmacy, located in the Plaza Mayor where you can buy all your medicines.

Situated 10 minutes from Torrevieja, 5 minutes from Campoamor, 30 minutes from Cartagena, 55 minutes from Murcia, 37 minutes from Elche, 47 minutes from Alicante, 15 minutes from San Javier, Zenia Boulevard is the perfect destination for shopping, strolling, having fun and discovering exciting things to do with your family and/or friends.  Visit Zenia Boulevard and find everything you desire.










The Spanish government has introduced various new laws which will affect foreign visitors. Details of these are listed below for your information. Feel free to share this email with friends and family who may be visiting Spain this year.

New laws introduced include:

Cars with foreign number plates - if the car has been in Spain for more than one month it must be registered on Spanish number plates. Previously foreigners could keep their car in Spain for 6 months and often left them on foreign plates for much longer, however the police will now check how long the vehicle has been in Spain and issue fines for those not obeying the new law. As a resident you must now get a Spanish Driving Licence .

Children in cars - children under 1m35 in height are no longer allowed to travel in the front seats of cars, unless the rear seats are full of minors already or in the case that there are no rear seats (vans etc). A 200€ fine will be issued to the parents or guardian if a child under 1m35 is found traveling in the front seat.

Children cycling - children under 16 are now obliged to wear safety helmets when cycling. A fine of 200€ will issued to the parent or guardian if a child is found cycling without a helmet.

Changes to speed limits - in some areas, such as around school, the speed limit will be reduced to 20 kph

Issuing of fines - the police will now be able to issue fines without the offending vehicle being stopped or formal identification of the driver if the officers see an offence being committed but are unable to give chase.

Early payment of fines - fines will be discounted by 50% if they are paid within 20 days of issue.


January 2022: News letter to follow with updated news on Brexit and Covid and how it will effect buying and coming to Spain to purchase your property in the Sun 2022. 



In May, the European Central Bank (ECB) reduced its core interest rate from 0,75% to a new record low of 0,5% and the ECB President, Mario Draghi, has reiterated many times recently that rates will stay low now for an extended period. Several banks we work closely with have informed us that they expect to improve their rates for non-residents in the coming months. They have already improved them for residents. This is very positive news and we sense that a gradual loosening of conditions will occur in the near future, although it must be said that banks remain cautious where non-residents are concerned.

Recent surveys show that Spain is now the UK's favourite emigration destination, accounting for 20% of all international searches. Price drops have been in the region of 30-70 per cent and the majority of purchases have been in cash - although some highly competitive mortgage deals are currently available. If you go to areas such as the Costa Blanca South you will find that prices are at 2004 levels.


Bill Gates Bets Big on Spanish Economy:

Bill Gates has made an expensive vote of confidence in the Spanish economy with an investment in Barcelona-based construction company Fomento de ...Construcciones y Contratas (FCC).
Gates, the world’s richest man, took a 6% stake in the company for €113.5million – one of the few investments he’s made outside of North America.
Shares in the company surged 13% as the news broke.
The deal comes as Spain’s central bank announced that the country had come out of recession after growing for the first time in over two years. Spain’s GDP grew 0.1% between July and September this year – though it was still 1.2% lower year-on-year

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